Campaign Budgeting

Not only is it important to assign specific tasks to specific specialists to know how a marketing campaign will be executed, but there is always a goal to target and there are steps to implement these goals with measurable benchmarks.

Understanding the current situation of the brand’s digital online presence and understanding where it needs to be in comparison to its competitors is a way to map out the blueprint to success. With this approach and budget in mind, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics become obtainable.

Not all budgets start out with enough to meet these competitive benchmarks

(products, service, process, or method) or even desired metrics.

That is the disadvantage of marketing for small businesses with limited budgets compared to large companies with a large budget, where increasing brand awareness is enough to capitalize on the back-end. Even then, large budgets do not translate to “milk-the-money”, because the goal is to duplicate and capitalize on strategies that convert, not just tell everyone you exist. 

Is it possible to meet metrics on a small budget? The outcome varies and is never guaranteed right off the bat, because it takes time to conduct tests by first running the campaign and the results are dependent on the brand’s ability to stand apart from its competition and whether or not it’s an offer in demand. Leveraging strategies and funnels that have proven to work is half the effort, but even then, the campaign tested is tested according to the specific brand’s identity, not the competitors’. The results from there are scalable to eventually meet specific goals.

For any business, small or large, leverage is always volumizing.

For small businesses, leverage means influencer marketing, a solid value proposition, and the ability to be everywhere- anywhere your target audience hangs, as well as the amount of value distributed, usually educational information, to persuade audiences that your product or service is a solution to their problem and that you are a credible source. Want to increase consumer consumption? Ask them what problem keeps them up at night and what they would like instead, then offer a resolution that will give them what they asked for. Implementing an internet marketing campaign is to communicate the problem of your target audience and showing them the resolution and providing that solution in exchange for their monetary commitment to solving their problem. 


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Risky Internet Usage

There are several things that are helpful to know when it comes to the laws that govern our internet usage.

Trial cases can arise over the internet over defamation, cybercrime, and even spam.

Thankfully, there are standards in place to organize and police these common issues. If there is an out-of-state lawsuit filed against you or vice versa, the court will have to consider several factors. One is where does the defendant reside and two, where is the actual damage taking place? When it comes to defamation on the internet, the claim would usually proceed taking jurisdiction in the place where the damage is actually taking place, also considering where the author was targeting in their comments.

Fortunately and unfortunately, there are several defenses that bloggers could take when attacked with a defamation lawsuit. This includes the right to have an opinion, the privilege of sharing authorized information after receiving documented permission from the subject individual or parties, and the simple fact of sharing the “truth”, meaning, an incident that actually occurred with no slander added. Knowing this, I would be mindful of how you represent or misrepresent others on the internet because it can blow completely out of proportion like the case with Courtney Love and an international fashion designer.

Also, did you know that with new laws and regulations in place that enforce consequences on web scammers and identity theft have resulted in a 28% decrease in cybercrime worldwide since 2011? But statistics are still pretty alarming. The best preventive method is to secure your accounts, update your security software, and keep changing those passwords.

E-mail marketing is still effective until this day, but you have to do it right. SPAM is actually legal under the CAN-SPAM Act, where you must be transparent about who you are, where you’re located (in the footer), like an actual physical mailing address, with a subject line that’s related to your actual content and allowing your recipients the option to unsubscribe by first allowing them to acknowledge that they actually can. The best practice is to first ensure that you’re targeting a market that is actually interested in what you have to offer to increase those conversion rates and build customer loyalty with the value I’m assuming you are adding.  


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Analytics Storytelling

Web analytics optimization is not a jumble of numbers, but numbers that tell stories of the customer experience, which is important to customizing an enjoyable and valuable shopping or searching experience for specific audiences, to meet company goals.

 Google Analytics and Trends are two of the best free and inclusive tools to optimizing your campaign ad, along with Keyword Planner and Experiment to test and meet specific metrics of what needs to be measured in order to meet Key Performance Indicators like specific increases in profit margins that align with SMART Goals (ie. $10,000 sales in 30 days). 

For example, if the visitors are bouncing and not purchasing, there are several factors to consider. Is it the content, the navigation complexity that causes a lost of interest, or the lack of content relevance to the customers’ desire? These elements can all be tested and measured in their effectiveness through the data generated by analytics to improve those elements and ensure that value is actually being provided for your ideal customer or audience.

There is also speculation on free analytics tools versus paid softwares. The pricing and the technology is not to be compared when determining which is the most effective, because each tool, paid or free, provides their own incentives and are all available to access, determined by the discretion which depends on the goals of the company. For high optimization, leveraging a highly skilled analytics team and investing in an advanced software like Alexa, can be the most efficient route, depending on the data you need to measure in order to meet company objectives. On the other side, you could possibly find all the data you need on the free analytics tools already provided in most hosting sites and social media platforms integrated with Google Analytics. Other online tools like SimilarWeb are also available for free trial usage that include a competitive analysis, so you can see which channels are pulling in the most traffic for your competitors and then get your ads in front of your competition’s audience. Do what works well for your target audience with web analytics optimization for the best results.


Ignorance is not bliss

Monitor your brand.

In 2006, Forbes reported Domino Pizza’s mishap of two employees pulling a gruesome prank on social media. Let’s just say they recorded toppings on their pizza that weren’t regulated or tasteful. The employees were fired and costed the company 60% of their customer loyalty. That’s a huge drop in sales. Dominos apologized for the mistake, but damage was still done.

A major part of monitoring a brand is to not only listen to the stories and mentions being told and published about the brand, but to also respond appropriately. With something as derogatory as Domino’s event must be addressed within 24 hours to avoid any further viral damage. News like this spreads quickly and we want to restrain the negative impact as much as possible to limit the amount of time it might take to redeem the brand.

Tools to monitor your brand:

• Feedly: Industry Trends

• PLANN app: Instagram analytics, automation, competition insights

• Hootsuite: Social Media management, analytics, automation

Google alerts are no longer available to flag your name your way whenever you or your client’s brand are mentioned, so it is best to research yourself routinely. An editorial calendar always helps execute your vision on how you want your brand to grow and press releases to level the playing field and increase brand awareness on a respectable note. Public relations is all about reputation.


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Don't Get SEO Flagged

Google has three different algorithms on top of their periodical algorithm.

The Panda Algorithm tracks your keywords, the amount of usage of them, and their relevance to your niché content. This is to ensure that only websites of quality and integrity are reaching viewers. The second is the Penguin Algorithm, which tracks your internal and external links, ensuring that they are quality links relevant to your content and target market. Third is the Hummingbird Algorithm, measuring the value of your content and keywords to your niché market to enhance the viewers search results and identifying their key terms used in the search queries.

Periodically, the Core Search Ranking Algorithm Update is used by Google to provide other equally qualified sites to rank with their competitors, alternating. This is nothing that can be fixed, but to only practice persistency in updating quality content, key terms, and linking on your website, that speaks naturally to your target audience. Over optimizing your website is possible, and crossing any of the algorithm guidelines will get you flagged and possibly discontinued. Stay trending with the latest news to stay fresh and monitor the intent, the approach, and the implementation your SEO strategies, because these algorithms are in place to serve both you and your visitors.


Influencer vs. Consumer

New Media Marketing is all about leverage.

Leveraging the latest mobile platforms such as all social media outlets to include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and popular blogs to share your brand message and engage with targeted audiences to align them with your company offer.

Not only are these marketing channels where majority of the audiences are but leveraging your viewers to help spread the message is a free incentive, especially, with the support of fans. If you need more fans, searching for the right influencers can be tedious, but highly valuable for gaining traction in your marketing campaign. Instagram Influencers, YouTube Stars, and famous bloggers are all within reach with the right offer in place.

Make sure their audiences not only identify with your target market, but that they also have an actively engaging audience with their current content. Be specific in your deliveries on what is expected from the influencer and what you have to offer in exchange. In some cases, you can leverage your current fan base to help spread the message with a brand ambassador program or consumer generated marketing content, with a simple contest for a prize- goes viral. Knowing what your company goals are and marketing objectives will help you measure the progress and tweaks necessary toward the results you desire. Specific time frames and appointed tasks to professionals in your team will aid in efficiency. But first, find out which campaign will work best for your company, whether it’s a brand ambassador program or an influencer outreach. As long as you have a budget, you can decide which will help you save more, making a worthwhile investment. Leverage is key in New Media Marketing.


Fans Vs. Influencers- Which is better for your brand?:

Consumers love to contribute...

Consumers actually enjoy creating content that evolves around their favorite brand, so they can later show off to their friends and family. When an incentive is included, such as a discount code or a freebie, then they really take action.


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Consumer Generated Content not only engages current customers, but it helps build a stronger relationship between the company and its audience. This marketing strategy inspires consumers to share viral content, ultimately attracting new customers and at the same time, builds the company brand with personalized testimonials, a.k.a fan content. Another great way to learn more about your customers is by surveying their experience. Depending on your goal, whether it’s to improve customer service or a product, surveying is a great way to learn how current customers are thinking about doing business with you. Customer feedback is valuable and leverage to improving the customer’s overall shopping experience and even relationship with the brand. offers a free trial of up to ten questions on your first survey! Above all, effective marketing really comes down to knowing your audience and knowing them well (The Break Up). 

Remember the Boomers

 70% of the buying power of all generations combined are dominated by the Boomers ( You would think it would be the digital age Millennials, but 66% of the Boomers are buying online and 46% of them are actively engaging on Facebook. They’re more prone to purchase lifestyle products and services that cater to their desired lifestyle and items that are good for their grandchildren. 


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What’s great about this generation, from a marketing approach, is that outbound marketing, as known as, traditional marketing, is still an effective strategy for them, as well as inbound marketing, which is more on an interactive level. They check their e-mails routinely and are more lead to buying promotional products through e-mail advertisements than any other generation. This definitely opened up my perspective on target marketing, because like most marketers, I myself had been focused on the Millennials. To stay ignorant on Boomer buying activity, would be leaving millions to billions of dollars on the table and neglecting a generation that is well deserved to be served. 

Another thing marketers should be aware of is Click Fraud. There are several opportunities for PPC advertisements, but if we’re not careful, we can be cheated out of our well-earned marketing capital. There are scammers that practice clicking on client ads to reach the amount of clicks purchased. Thankfully, Google Adwords has a new filter that tracks original and duplicated clicks ( Unoriginal clicks are reimbursed and credited back into the user’s account. Another option to prevent click fraud is to invest in a software like Clixtell, the World’s #1 Click Fraud Detection and Protection Software. It monitors 24/7 with unlimited custom protection rules, visitor geo location, multi-domain protection, and takes only five minutes to set up.

In conclusion, marketers, remember the Boomers and protect yourself.