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20% Average Conversion Rate - Brands working with production companies increase results by up to 15%. Brands that prioritize meta-communication and brand integrity have increased results by 9%.

Houston howard

Super Story Architect, Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Transmedia Producer, CEO of One 3 Creative and author of "Make Your Story Really Stinkin' Big: How To Go From Concept To Franchise and Make Your Story Last For Generations" (Available in Barnes & Noble and Amazon). Responsible for crafting strategic vision used to achieve business and creative goals, and manages the responsive creative team developing transmedia franchises, produced corporate training videos, promotional spots, music videos, and graphic design projects. 


Transmedia Storytelling is a proven way to build, engage, and convert large audiences using multi-media platforms for story expansion and long-term brand equity by targeting specific demographics and psychographics.


Writer, Director and Visionary behind Transmedia Creatives, a media company committed to leveraging innovative technology and technical prowess to deliver story-centric, engaging, and informative website solutions that include SEO, SMM, and themed messaging. Dedoceo served honorably as a veteran of the USMC and USAF and has an Associate of Science degree in Film and a Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment Business from The Los Angeles Film School. His company is currently developing businesses in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, nightclubs, auto repair shops, non-profits, and office rental space agencies.